Multifunctional software for data entry, monitoring, and data analysis on construction projects  related to the production, transport and installation of fresh concrete.


CQC System is developed based on 20 years-long experience in the field of Concrete production and delivery with a team of experts in cutting edge mobile and web technology. The basic idea is to collect “the last mile “ data from the field by abstracting complex and repetitive bureaucracy processes only by not asking what we already know. This way CQC delivers processes needed to complete the job.


According to the specified needs in the document CQC Functionalities, we provide a cost estimate related to development and needed *Customization . This shall be further discussed and confirmed at the time of making a cooperation agreement.

Before any programming is started we provide all the interfaces design with the supporting processes  for final confirmation. Upon confirmation, we begin preparing the development specification for programming. This specification enables us to define a precise timeline and man-days to complete work. Software customization includes the following work on our part :

  1. Preparing Business requirements specifications
  2. Preparing Development Specification
  3. Programming
  4. Consulting on the best business solutions
  5. Project Management.


CQC Implementation includes following activities:

Organization and Project Setup –  CQC Web Application Setup begins with creating an organization. Your Company needs to appoint a person internally who will be in charge of managing users, adding resources, and generally making changes. Creating a project is based on approved construction projects which are typically larger .

Resources and Users SetupYour Company has its resources, facilities ,machinery and people , which are entered manually or provided to the Web application. Initially we provide support with users onboarding and follow through to make sure everybody gets started.

Tutorials and User Instructions  Each type of user receives a 1 -2 page document with instructions how to use interfaces available within their scope of work. The materials shall be distributed or presented as agreed with your company.


CQC software is open for integration with 3rd party solution providers. CQC platform provides open APIs for basic functionality and necessary data exchange. All proprietary processes from 3rd party software which are not by default open to exchange data based on today’s standard will require additional integration processes.

Particle integration starts with your company and us identifying data flow needs. After this, we are able to provide specifications for integration to 3rd party providers. Another option is to take over complete integration, which brings better quality and shortens time to lunch.


Estimated time for delivering operational CQC software with integration is presented below:

Business requirements  Identifying final requests in written form 1 WEEK

Development Specification Web and Mobile app final interface design preparing specification for the development team

Development Customization and integration 

Implementation CQC lunches with all users.

Additional services


The need for Concrete Quality is the number one concern. Cube sampling and testing leaves room for manipulation unless each cube has its own ID. QR code is unique and it prevents misuse or cube Replacement.

Each cube is marked with a QR code connected to the set of delivery notes or specific delivery notes. By scanning the QR code, CQC mobile app shows which delivery note it belongs to. When cube crushing is done , results are automatically connected to the exact delivery and its participants. Data can be Exported to Excel.

Activation Requires :  1. Implementing a new practice in your organization 

2. Developing a module with interfaces for new QR CODe pull and registration..


Delays in transport and on the construction site are regular events that  often stay unnoticed at the moment when it is important to react.

Production, distribution, and installation time of sensitive fresh concrete is  limited. It is necessary to synchronize a number of resources and processes  where each outage leads to direct and indirect damage.

Whose fault is it? No evidence to show. What is the damage of pouring  concrete in the wrong segment? What is the cost of reputation? Problems  with concrete quality and fixing what was done wrong cause serious  financial damage.

Recording data and events is mainly done in telephones and notebooks,  where the human error factor is high. Analysis of data entered by hand is  slow and difficult. If not customized to your needs, programs are poorly  used because they are complicated, in foreign language, and do not cover  simple but necessary processes. As a result, a lot of actions and resources  remain unattended.

Huge amount of time is spent on phone calls where communication is slow  and unreliable. In addition to stressful communication, that time is the most  precious resource that has been irretrievably lost. 

  • Imagine now that it is possible to organize and  record all communication and events among project  participants transparently.
  • Imagine an application that enables automatic  updates on the order and each delivery note status.
  • Imagine having real field data from ordering,  production, and concrete installation in real time.
  • The application is easy to use, saves time and  money by allowing you to focus on quality as well  as optimise resources.


CQC includes 5 different user roles which  represent different participants in the project:




Lab Assistant

Supervisor / Sales


Availability overview and optimal activation of human resources, mixers and pumps.  A way of working that saves time with each delivery.

You have your own database from the field at every step of each delivery.  You collect insights for future projects through detailed project monitoring.

Easy interaction and communication through simple and intuitive interfaces.  Tracking order progress with minimal need to make phone calls.

Available in different languages according to your needs.

Project analysis are based on data, quantitative and qualitative parameters, for each  project. Reports also present areas for improvement with alerts for problematic areas.

Modernization of the communication system raises efficiency and quality.  Recording data properly helps anticipate unforeseen costs.

Implementation of new quality standards differentiates you from the competition.  Quality and transparency attracts event the most demanding supervisors and  investors. Transparency can also reduce insurance premiums.

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