We are proud that our team has been selected in the best 5 startups in 2021, which will be in Delta Bussines Incubator.

5 teams enter the Delta Business Incubator

After a detailed analysis of the evaluations and comments of the members of the commission, the five best teams were selected, which will soon enter the Delta Business Incubator.

A 15-member commission composed of representatives of Delta Holding and prominent people from the business world heard on Monday, June 21, the presentation of the ideas of 16 selected teams out of a total of 36 applicants for the competition.

Selected teams are:

Tesla carousel – Tesla Inventorium, children’s brand

Valuator – A platform for automating the procurement process

Beohost – Beohost Chanel Manager, small hotel management infrastructure and channel manager for advertising

Cherry Berry – innovative bikini

ConcreteQualityControl – CQC application for concrete quality control from production to delivery

During the three months of the Incubator, the selected teams will work with experts from Delta Holding, but also with experts from partner companies and external associates who joined the program this year. Partners and associates in this year’s program are:

PwC Serbia, ICT Hub, Ovation BBDO, Karanović & Partners, Fresh Agriculture Technologies, Dejan Tešić and Miša Lukić. All of them will help the selected teams to improve their idea and prepare it for the market and investors.

The commission that selected the teams that will enter the Delta Business Incubator consisted of as many as 15 members, among whom were representatives of Delta Holding and prominent people from the world of business. In that way, the potential of the submitted teams and ideas was objectively assessed, and the best ones were selected.


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