How it all began?

Our story begins 30 years ago where Goran Bajic has collated all the problems he had in long career in the Concrete Industry. Meeting with Uros Djakovic, an innovative young entrepreneur , they have decided to open the book of all of Gorans Problems and Solutions and to make it into a Startup.

The result is the CQC, the software that will bring the detailed organization into Construction enterprises.

Uroš Đaković
Co-Founder & CEO

was part of the Delta Holding Young Leaders program during his career. He has participated in the development of several Startups and his initiative, knowledge and energy connects and leads our team in the Startup journey

Goran Bajić
Co-Founder & CPO

During his long career in the Concrete Industry, passed all positions, from concrete operator to director and today factory owner.


We are happy to talk, engage and share news about digitalization in the construction industry and how our software solutions can benefit your business.

We would appreciate everyone with the experience in Concrete business to help us see your process of ordering, installing, and making fresh concrete mass.

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